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The Haiti 2019 Trip Was Amazing

The team had an incredible time working and sharing with the people of Haiti. The main goal was to get solar power to the House Of Hope. The team installed a 9 panel, 4.4 KW solar power system. This provides much needed power for refrigerating food, washing clothes, and having lights and fans on.

The awesome news is that they are getting a lot of electricity from the system (esp. now during the strike). This improves the girls quality of life and reduces the monthly diesel costs, freeing up operating budget funds for other needs of the girls!!!!

The team also had the priviledge of accomplishing these additional tasks:

  1. Installed new side wall clotheslines at HoH
  2. Cleaned out storage room at HoH
  3. Delivered 35 pairs of shoes to Repatriote
  4. Delivered backpacks/gifts to 2 sponsored students at Cite Soliel
  5. Repaired broken clothesline pole and installed new clothesline at HoH
  6. Distributed 216 dresses to all girls in grades 1 thru 5 at Repatriote school. (Including 110 pillowcase dresses provided by St. Andrew).
  7. Delivered 5 backpacks/gifts to sponsored students at Repatriote
  8. Disassembled remaining scaffolding from security (razor wire) project and stacked for pickup at HoH
  9. Delivered 4 backpacks/gifts to sponsored students at Terre Noire
  10. Removed broken down washing machine from shower room (room was built around machine) at HoH
  11. Delivered 2 backpacks/gifts to 2 sponsored high school students
  12. Replaced frayed rope clotheslines with coated steel cables lines on back wall at HoH
  13. Expanded chicken coop at HoH
  14. Delivered surplus bed to Chinel's house
  15. Reorganized HoH storage room, including taken many items to gate to be trashed

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