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Nathan C. Brooks, III is the  Pastoral Counselor for The Counseling Center. Certified by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, he was the co-founder and executive director of Pastoral Counseling Services of Central Virginia for more than 40 years before merging with HumanKind. Brooks served as the Minister of Peakland Baptist Church in Lynchburg from 1966-1999, and has served on numerous boards including The Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship, The Family Alliance, Interfaith Outreach Association, and more.

Nathan Brooks’ Christian Counseling service in Lynchburg was founded with the help of local churches, and QMPC was one of the founding churches to support it.  In Nathan’s retirement, HumanKind is pulling this service under their umbrella. Their goal is to hire a full time Certified Christian Counselor that would be available to the churches and its members.

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