In preparation for writing a Mission Plan for QMPC and identifying the qualities and characteristics of the next Installed pastor, the session approved entering into a Discernment Process as follows:


  • To instill a passion for the spiritual welfare of others that will shape and form the ministry and mission of the church.
  • To discern the unique ministry and mission to which God is calling the church.
  • To enroll the congregation in a spirit-filled level of commitment to God’s future for the church.
  • To identify the qualities, characteristics and skills needed in the next Installed Pastor.
  • To elect the next Installed Pastor for QMPC.


  1. Soft Data Task Force for Bible Study and Discernment:

    Through Spiritual Discernment, we seek:
    • to recognize what God is already doing,
    • to see situations and opportunities from God’s perspective
    • to listen for what God desires for the present and the future
    • to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to hear and obey.

    Nearly 60 people from the church participated in this 6 week study designed to listen to God’s call to QMPC for Mission and Ministry. Click HERE to read the report.

    Soft Data Task Force Members: Phyllis Beilfus, Julia Bryan, Tim Roach and Howard Jennings with Nancy Dawson serving as consultant.
  1. Survey of the Congregation – 64 people completed the survey on 04-14-19 and the results were reported to congregation on May 05, 2019.

    Hard Data Task Force Members who planned and implemented the survey: Eric Barringer, Nikki Kariuki, Bob Lockridge, Steve Hubbard, Lauren Hubbard and John Lanier. 
  1. Hard Data Task Force:

    Collection and Analysis of the demographic data for the area. Faith preferences and social needs of those in the community are assessed along with projected growth expected in Lynchburg and the surrounding areas. See Task Force members listed in # 2.

    Click HERE to read the report to the congregation. 
  1. Property Task Force

    Assessment of the building use and its maintenance.  This task force has conducted a walkthrough of the inside and outside of the building and identified a number of ways QMPC can be more welcoming (see the signage that directs people to various rooms). They are also assessing how to make use of our ample space and planning for major repairs to the gutters, downspouts, drainage, windows, etc.

    Property Task Force Members: Tim Roach, Neal Gibson, Julia Bryan, Diane Baldwin, Phyllis Webb, Liz Huband, Doris Daniel, Howard Jennings and David Webb.

    Click HERE to read the report to the congregation.
  1. Outreach

    Interviews with young families, young adults and senior adults regarding faith needs and preferences for worship as well as ministry and mission programs for all.

    Task force members: a variety of session and congregational members are gathering this data.

    Click HERE to read report on Young adults

    Click HERE to read the report on Seniors. 
  1. Session Retreat to write the Mission Study Report.
    This report will be submitted to the Committee on Ministry (COM) of the Presbytery of the Peaks for approval.

    Report to Congregation and Submission to COM – End of July
  1. Permission by COM to Elect a Pastor Search Committee

    Target Date – Early August.
  1. Pastor Search Committee Elected by Congregation

    Target Date - August

    QMPC Nominating Committee will recruit and nominate members to serve with input from the congregation.
  1. The search committee will write a Church Information Form consisting of the Mission Study Results, programs and goals, the position description for the next installed pastor, as well as qualities and characteristics needed to lead the church in answering God’s call.

    Once this form is completed it will be posted on the Position Opportunities Website of the PC(USA).  The search committee may also post the opportunity in a variety of PC(USA) publications as well as conduct direct recruitment of recommended pastors.
  1. Pastor Information Forms (resumes) will be received by the search committee, potential candidates will be contacted and references will be checked. Interviews of potential candidates will be conducted via computer and in person and sermons will be reviewed on line and in person.
  1. The decision to extend a call to a candidate is made after extensive discussion by the PSC and when a consensus is reached.

God still redeems and renews us still today, often in ways we least expect.  This time of transition between Installed Pastors is a wonderful time to celebrate God’s ongoing transformation in our lives.  Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church is Christ’s church and the Triune God is still at work empowering us to do God’s mission and ministry.  Yes, we are a different church than we were years ago, and we are a vital, vibrant church.  Just as God had an amazing plan for reconciling the world, God has a plan for the future of Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church.  When our deepest desires are aligned with the deepest desires of God’s heart, then individuals and congregations are fulfilling the purpose for which God created them and God is glorified and praised.  During this time of discernment, we give thanks for all that we have and are and we can look with hope to the future to which God is calling us. For questions contact any member of Session or Nancy Dawson.